Emerging R&B/Pop Artist Numi Drops Her Debut Album “Disorderly”


The album Disorderly features alluring R&B-inspired vocals and pop melodies, empowering messages, romance, and a touch of humour/sarcasm. It features gritty, groovy, dynamic production. It relays the message that we should stay true to ourselves, not let others take advantage of/silence us, and that we can break stereotypes instead of subscribe to them. It’s about self-awareness, having our hearts in the right place, and never giving up.

Numi is an R&B/pop singer-songwriter-producer from the Bay Area. Her distinctive natural tone, which she playfully shifts, and interesting approach to vocal production complements the texturized beats she sings on. Numi has always been instinctively drawn to singing, ever since she began lightheartedly singing around the house at an early age. She also found great excitement in crafting songs for her and her siblings’ playful home band, trained in classical piano for many years, and eventually fell in love with producing music. Her love for music is apparent, as she is very specific and detailed throughout the different phases of bringing a song and vision to life. You can identify influences, but the bulk of it is also a mystery due to her style being
very much related to her unique personality and experiences. Outside of music, Numi is a recent computer science graduate who enjoys inline skating, modelling, and pure randomness.

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