Jai Amore - If I Don't Wake Up Today

Jai Amore Returns With a Powerful and Poignant song ‘If I Don’t Wake Up Today’


An old school kick drum, laced with the sound of trumpets entice the ears whilst the self penned lyrics illustrate a legacy-defining offering. The urgency of Jai Amore’s delivery is a call to action: live life to the fullest and make every moment count. 


Jai Amore is sincere when he sings, “would you play my songs among you and share them with the world?” and the answer should be a resounding “yes”. Pensive, reflective and highly emotive, the editorial artwork mirrors the intensity of the track – slightly dark, both redemptive and hopeful. 

The British singer has embarked on a new path toward re-introducing his brand of sumptuous songs to R’n’B lovers in the UK and beyond. Faithful supporters are in for a treat as Jai Amore is sure to connect with new and existing fans with the release of each single, all of which will support the pending album release. 

Jai Amore enthused, “All it took was for me to start again. Back to square one; just be a singer and rediscover my love for music, my connection with everyone, and make music that we can truly love”. 

This new single sits aptly alongside Jai Amore’s other recent self-written and self-produced offerings, namely his previous releases of “Queen”, and “Lips”, which featured M-Presi. 

“If I Don’t Wake Up Today” is OUT NOW on all online music platforms


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