New Sultry Drip From Tsharna


Tsharna, the 22 year old singer songwriter hailing from the streets of Luton returns with brand new music following the success of her debut release Better earlier this year. I Do beautifully encapsulates the nostalgia of classic R’n’B whilst intertwining the nuances of contemporary R’n’B and neo soul, ensuring a beautifully transcendent listen.

I Do marries the delicate and intricate melodies, Tsharna’s playful and dulcet tone with a subject matter that is rarely addressed in the love songs of the genre. Amongst the heated moments of desire and attraction between the beginning of this situationship, there is a unrelenting need to gain consent. With each chorus that need for permission is empathised ‘before I get naughty, don’t forget to say I do’, simultaneously reaffirming its importance and its general absence from the traditional lyrical content of the genre. As Tsharna comments  ‘…this was another story I imagined that was quite unique to what I’ve written before but still holds the same elegant, smooth, slow R’n’B vibe…’

It is this subtle and smart songwriting that sets Tsharna apart.

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