Sophielou Shares Her 2020 Vision As She Drops Her Final Song Of The Year


It’s been a super eventful year for Wolverhampton’s singer/songwriter Sophielou but she’s got a few more things to get off her chest before the year is over. ‘Peace’, one of the most soothing songs she’s ever written will be her final song of the year & drops at midnight on 29th November on all digital platforms.

2019 has seen Sophielou be playlisted on Spotify’s Rnb Uk playlist, receive national radio play multiple times, perform at UK Pride events, release a handful of music videos, host her 2nd headline show & drop her debut album SoulSearch, all while still being totally unsigned!

The Wolverhampton Singer/Songwriter says that she didn’t intend on releasing any more music this year but life happenings led to her expressing herself one more time on this super calming RnB/soul track ‘Peace’.
Produced by Scandi beats & engineered by Wolverhampton music guru Keith Dilworth (Spock), Sophielou expresses her frustrations, feelings, and thoughts from some of this years not so positive events she’s experienced or been a part of in 2019.

She describes Peace as a typical Sophielou song where there’s no boundaries, limits and no real structure, just her releasing her lyrics and melodies as they come. She wants listeners to know that this is her way of turning negatives into positives as she delivers her affirmations for the new year.

Peace is available on all digital outlets now aswell the music video, filmed and edited by midlands based company First Reunion Media.

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