Cherri V

The Ever So Consistent Cherri V Drops ‘Make ‘Em Like You’


Cherri V is arguably one of the most consistent artists in the UK. Not only just consistent, her songwriting ability is pretty much unmatched.

Now if you didn’t know Cherri has given her fan base fresh new content every Sunday since January of this year (Cherri V sundaes). Now just in case you haven’t realised, that’s over 36 weeks of fresh NEW content. Some of it in the form of music, some vlogs, insights into her life and we even get introduced to some of her nearest and dearest.

A few weeks back Cherri gave us new music as part of her Cherri V Sundaes series and boy do we love it.  Make ’em like you which features production from Joey Stickz who has also produced to Cherri before (Leave me be).

If this is a sign of things to come then we can’t wait for more new music from Cherri.



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