UK R&B Singer-Songwriter & Producer August Twelfth, Releases His Newest Single “All I Know”


AUGUST TWELFTH has always been the type to push his boundaries when creating music and he does exactly that in “All I Know

If you’ve heard songs from August like “No Limits” then you’ll know that August has a rare ‘cocky but confident’ side that he likes to bring out from time to time. From the moment the song begins and you hear “Skrrt”, you know “All I Know” is going to be EXACTLY that!

We had a quick chat with August about the creation of ‘All I Know’ and here is what he had to say:

“When I first heard the instrumental in my studio I didn’t really take to it so I just recorded a few melodies in my voice notes and left it as that. Few months later while I was in Atlanta writing songs, I was sitting in the studio going through a list of beats and I stumbled across the beat for ‘All I Know’ again. This time I was feeling it like crazy. Going back through my voice notes I ended up using the melodies I recorded as the chorus for the song. I think it’s crazy how a lot of the songs I make are created from voice note melodies I recorded months in advance.”

Make sure you check this out now:

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